The Casting of Pods: WizardCast

wizardcastlogo-smallpngBACK, we are!

And boy are we coming back with a BANG. Well, at the very least, we are coming back audibly. Literally.

I am teaming up with the illustrious SalesforceWizard (aka Brian Kwong) to bring you WizardCast, a new Salesforce podcast. Yes, I know. Another Salesforce podcast. No, hang on, this one is DIFFERENT. Really, I promise. Mainly because we refuse to take ourselves seriously. At ALL.

The goal is to do weekly shows, life notwithstanding, so take a listen here to get a feel for what the show will be like, and watch for more casting of pods soon.

On other fronts, there are more blog posts currently being written and more opportunities for learning on the horizon. Be on the watch for more coming!